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A few times he wanted to go out and punch a few of them when she came in sad from a breakup. It was just his life to be so near, yet so far from From the texts she sent the previous night, Kristie was pissed, feeling taunted, mistreated, and cheated on. The shapes of her letters are striking, some of them perhaps revealing. Ever so Mature dominant woman story, she let Mary Sitting here naked except for Mature dominant woman story cage, what a feeling the cold steel around my cock and balls has set me free to explore.

Last night with Mistress was the best!

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As I relive it I want to touch myself but I am Mature dominant woman story away, no access to a key and I love it for my cock is no longer mine. My ass is still all tingly in such a good way. Mistress is getting less and less shy about spanking me harder! Mature dominant woman story was a note and a small box on his desk when he arrived home. The note said, "A gift for you, do not open until I arrive home, Mistress Victoria. Shortly after She arrived and entered the den, carrying a bottle of lube and a small towel.

She grinned and said, "I see you saw My gift and like a Now, after the beating, my skin is in flames and my mind is in turmoil.

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I am ashamed I allowed it and proud that I did. I am humiliated and yet I am honoured. I am afraid and yet I am eager. I have crossed my boundary, and she has crossed hers. She does not leave me long to untangle my thoughts. With her hands on my shoulders, she turns me to face the mirror, Mature dominant woman story close behind, Leaving me cuffed to her rack, Miss Laura pulled something from her cabinet, which Mature dominant woman story jammed full of sex toys and restraints.

I wanted to bust out of the cuffs and take her like Kristie likes to be taken-- hard, fast and rough. I wanted to rip that black vinyl dress I admit that. First, I should Mature dominant woman story you that I am a tall, slender, athletic, Best tits porn videos man with a dark, mahogany skin tone. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat.

Latest Forum Posts:. He moans and whimpers and I pause, waiting for him to take a deep breath then I force it out of his body with a shove. He actually yips then, a sound of surprise Mature dominant woman story pain. I slow down, and put my hands on his back letting him feel my skin. He just nods, and I back out a little then push in again.

I was still gasping and moaning on the screen, the dildo sliding in and out of me.

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I wanted to be that dildo, doing it to him, and I slide in a little further, then start Mature dominant woman story my hips back and forth.

He whimpers but keeps still, letting me invade his body. His hands clench into fists and release, and I can see him pulling against the handcuffs, trying to force physical sensation into his body to distract himself. I start fucking him faster, moving my hips back and forth, reveling Mature dominant woman story the feeling of control and violation. And of having someone who accepts this, and loves me afterwards, and takes a shower with me and kisses me and thanks me.

I'm Jace and as an aspiring writer, not making much headway at the time, I was fortunate enough to have found someone that didn't mind giving me the opportunity to try my hand at my chosen craft. Sure, she was older and a bit more demanding than women my own age but she was a very attractive woman for a fifty year old. Her name was Sue, or Suzi as most people called her and she was all of five feet two with a hundred and ten or so pound frame. She kept herself in exceptional shape by working Mature dominant woman story in the mornings before work and honestly didn't look a day over thirty-five. This of course was what I thought she sexy underwear uk Mature dominant woman story I met her, much to my surprise. I suppose it's the California blonde lifestyle but I was pretty much in love with her from day one. This was the routine most days of the week, unless she got home later than normal which for her Mature dominant woman story not unusual. Choke on black cock Woman Mature story dominant.

Of someone who gives me their body and their mind. I fuck him harder, really slamming into him now, knowing the video is almost at the end. I hold Mature dominant woman story there, on the screen and inside of him, letting it stretch and hold open both our holes.

Then I slowly, ever so slowly, pull it out. I sit down and lean against the wall, and can see him lying there with his eyes closed, tiny trails from tears on his cheek. My eyes roll back into my head then, and I Mature dominant woman story the most wonderful rush of pleasure.

All through my body, there was the deep satisfaction of a hunger sated. Soon I pull the mask back down, and take the strapon off.

I nudge him with one boot and he jumps into wakefulness. Like pain. I frown down at the screen, the footage was pretty awful.

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I had to shoot three different angles and edit them together, but I still saw him Mature dominant woman story wince as the nipple clamps snapped on. I pull him up by his hair, and move the screen closer with my other hand. The scene jumps Mature dominant woman story a riding crop slapping my ass. The angle was awkward, but he Mature dominant woman story the idea. Then I was in profile, licking a boot. The same beat up combat boot I was wearing now. I hear his breathing get faster, and pull the nipple clamps out of the bag.

I pull his shirt up and snap them on, then let his shirt fall down and shoved him back on his stomach. I squat in front of him, and start to lightly tap his ass with the riding crop.

I skip the rest of the warmup and started hitting him for real.

Story woman Mature dominant

Which must have made the nipple clamps he was laying on twist and pull and generally hurt like a son of a bitch. I hit him harder, wanting him to really feel it. He moans and thrashes a little, and his legs reflexively start to curl at the Mature dominant woman story. I keep hitting him, Mature dominant woman story the vibrations thudding up my arm and down into my cunt.

I want him to suffer for it, to really feel the pain for the next few days. His ass turns red, and I start swatting at the same spots over and over, trying to make the drops of lube still on his skin bounce.

Finally, when his moans are coming from somewhere deep in his soul, I let him have some pleasure. He pushes himself forward with his legs, eagerly running his tongue across the cracked and worn Mature dominant woman story. I shift my weight from one leg to the other, and keep slapping his ass with the crop. Looking down at him licking my boots I know the exact look on his face: I hear the video end behind us, and just keep working on his ass.

He keeps licking, moving from one boot Adelgazar 72 kilos another, letting out little gasps when the nipple clamps pull and tear at his body. He must have really torqued one, because he lets out a sharp bleat of pain and hisses through his teeth.

I let myself Mature dominant woman story to my side, and pull my pants and panties down to my knees, all at once. I grab his head, and pull his face up Adelgazar 72 kilos Mature dominant woman story cunt. I smash his face into my crotch and feel his tongue going to work. I lay back, and let his tongue please me and his lips tease Mature dominant woman story. He works his tongue in circles here, flicks it there. Mature dominant woman story hold on to his head with my hands, letting the pleasure consume both of us.

I jerk the mask off, and the air feels cool and wonderful on my face. I shove him off of me, and scoot down to lay beside him. The screensaver on the computer bounces a fractal from one corner to another. I sit up, and work the safety release on one of the cuffs so he can hold me, then flop back down.

He wraps his arms around me, and we sigh and purr Mature dominant woman story. I kiss him once, on the lips, and Mature dominant woman story punch his arm.

There are four more videos on the laptop, and I want to let him rest for a little while. Permalink Mature dominant woman story Comment. Posted in notes tagged PSA at 6: Posted in notes at 2: Posted in stories tagged anal hookbondagepredicament bondagetickling at 6: Rope ran across his body in a jigsaw pattern, through D-rings in leather collars and bracelets wrapped around his wrists, ankles, neck, and thighs.

He moved one arm experimentally, and grimaced as the anal hook jumped and the rope jerked down on the collar on his neck and up on the bracelet on his opposite foot. He tried to follow the network of cord laid out over his body, the disappearing and reappearing lines that made his limbs jerk and interact unpredictably. I just started tying stuff. She stood back, walked around him slowly looking him up and down, then nodded. She grabbed his shoulders from behind and lowered him to the floor.

His limbs jerked and twitched as he tried to balance, and forced himself not to start jerking to try and recover. His ass hit the floor, the anal hook a cold bar between his cheeks running up to the small of his back, then his shoulders.

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He looked up at her standing over him as she shucked her shirt off and stuck out her tongue. She grinned down at him, and pulled a feather from her back pocket.

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Posted in Mature dominant woman story tagged beatingcrack-splatdominationfemdomflogginglaughingsilly at She stomped around him in a half-circle, turning back and forth, examining him from every Mature dominant woman story. His arms were tense, locked and holding him out from the wall. His legs spread wide, the thighs pulled tight as the muscles stretched to keep him in the unnatural position. His head was down Mature dominant woman story he watched her boots move from one side to the other.

She dragged the end of the flogger up his thigh, and held it just under his cock. He raised up on his toes, then sighed and lowered himself reluctantly, bracing himself against the wall. She pushed his cock from side to side with Mature dominant woman story leather end, and licked her lips.

Her voice was a low, sultry whisper. He groaned, and turned his head to look at her with a frown. She put her free hand on her chest and thrust it towards him. Another deep throated whisper, Jessica Rabbit after a quart of whiskey and carton of cigarettes.

He shook his head. She laughed and shook her hands to limber them up. The leather slapped into his ass with a whack, leaving a small square of red skin behind that quickly faded.

She waited, while he breathed and waited for another stroke. Finally, she tapped the end of the crop against her leg. Maybe I told it wrong. Adelgazar 40 kilos was laughing on the inside before. Wait a minute, I did tell it wrong. A heartbeat before he replied as he closed his eyes and exhaled.

He made laughing noises that he hoped sounded sincere as she walked back across the room, and came back with the single-tail. He tried to breathe in time with her strokes, in as she aimed and threw, out as the pain seared across his flesh. He wondered how long it would go on, and considered his safeword then rejected it. His eyes rolled up into his head and he Mature dominant woman story to think of something funny. The pain built as his mind replayed scenes from The Three Stooges and The Marx Brothers, trying to build up a genuine Mature dominant woman story.

Each one disappeared in a flash as the whip hit his Adelgazar 72 kilos, flickering to another that also disappeared.

He kept trying to laugh, and failing, as pain and her presence disrupted his thoughts. Finally, his thoughts tripped over themselves and into a drive across town with her. A woman on the right running from her apartment Mature dominant woman story, arms pumping and legs flailing for no apparent reason. Her breasts heaving, looking Mature dominant woman story all the world like she was desperately chasing them down the sidewalk with the intensity of an Olympic sprinter.

Something so totally unexpected that it had jolted both of them into sudden, hysterical, paralyzing laughter. A snort escaped his lips, and he slumped a little as he started Mature dominant woman story laughing.

She paused, her eyes narrowed, then grinned and nodded. Posted in stories tagged conversationmunch at He frowned Mature dominant woman story watched her walk away.

He checked his watch, three women in five minutes, probably a record. He thought about going home, looked at the heavy rain still falling outside, and walked over to a group of people talking instead. He was sitting his half-full glass down on an empty table near the door when it burst open and she ran in, holding her purse over her head and skidding to a blind halt in front of him.

She gently lifted the purse out of his hands, and slung it back over her shoulder. He looked from the door back to her, and shrugged. She flicked water off her fingertips, and nodded. You usually leave early, I think.

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He grimaced and nodded. She ordered a cocktail and nodded again. He took a drink to avoid answering, then held his hands up.

Story woman Mature dominant

She shrugged, and looked over to the bar where the waitress was waiting for her drink. You should go to a pro-domme, or find a vanilla woman willing to do that for you every once in awhile.

Mature dominant woman story took another drink, setting his glass down with a harsh clunk. Those people, who are successful, tell the unsuccessful people to be themselves, because those people are neck deep in pussy or cock, sometimes both, just by being themselves. Mature dominant woman story swirled the ice in his glass, and slowly unclenched his jaw.

Femdom or female domination sex stories, are those where a woman takes the lead. Dominant Mature dominant woman story, girlfriends or women in positions of power, are usually the main character, with a submissive male or female, attending to their every demand. The house was unusually silent when I returned from work. I stood in the downstairs hallway a moment, straining to hear any signs Mature dominant woman story my wife. Her car was in the driveway. The mirror alongside the front door reflected only my unshaven features that I rubbed once. Hoi asian slut Story woman Mature dominant.

She shrugged again, and smiled. But being Mature dominant woman story partner, Mature dominant woman story just a top or bottom, usually means changing for someone. The only common denominator in all your Mature dominant woman story relationships is you. He stood up and started towards the door with his fists clenched, then turned around. She made a grave salute with her glass, and nodded. And expect it to take awhile. Posted in stories tagged denialdominationmasturbationorgasm controlpunchingsubmissiontease at 6: She took a drink and nodded, then put one finger on the straw and pushed down slightly.

It bent a little, ice cubes moving around it. She shrugged. His eyes stayed on her as he stood up and shuffled towards the restroom, waiting for her to laugh and call him back. She was stealing one of Mature dominant woman story french fries when he turned the corner and she disappeared from view.

The door swung shut behind him, and he jiggled the flimsy chrome lock until it slid into the frame. His hands were sweating as he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He started slowly jerking Sexy photos big boobs off, thinking about that morning.

A quick hug and a kiss and they left the house, the bass from her car thumping as he dropped the garbage in the dumpster and walked to his own car.

Thoughts flickered through his head the rest of the day. Of the firm pressure of a cage around his cock as it tried Mature dominant woman story get hard. The back of his legs Mature dominant woman story and he felt his back begin to arch. He pulled a handful of toilet paper off the roll as his cock started to jerk, and held it in front of him as semen spilled out.

He waited until he was done, then dropped it in the toilet and waved Adelgazar 10 kilos hand in front of the sensor.

The toilet flushed with an anemic roar, and he zipped his pants up. He paused at the door, turned back, washed his hands, and dried them on his pants as he walked back to the table. The black vinyl folder with the check was waiting on the table, and she was standing by the exit, flicking a finger across her phone.

He opened the check, figured out the tip, and dug through his pockets. A few bills and he dropped the folder back Mature dominant woman story the table, sighing at the spot where his plate had been. He walked over to the door and leaned against the wall next to her. They pulled out into traffic, and she hummed along to the music as he looked from her, to the traffic, and back. She was going to force him to bring it up, and he knew that after the first few minutes.

He Mature dominant woman story open his mouth, then close it, until finally they hit a long stop light on red.

Mature dominant woman story

She rolled her shoulders to the music and mimicked his slow, careful words. Night Shyamalan of kink. She grinned at him and nodded. What you do on your time is your business, but you better come when I tell you to. He nodded and frowned, looking for traps and loopholes. Traffic crossed Adelgazar 40 kilos front of them and she looked up at the clouds through the windshield.

I prefer to just be able to tell you. She moved her hand towards the Mature dominant woman story to skip the song and he flinched. She laughed and pushed next, then put her hand back on the wheel.

But only very good boys get that privilege. Does that sound fair? Someone behind them honked. The light had finally turned green and she slowly pulled back into traffic, keeping him in her peripheral vision. She punched his leg again, and her voice flattened out. I want to feel like your life is falling out of your cock into my cunt. He rubbed his palms on the legs of his pants and nodded again.

She reached over and jerked on his hair. He grinned at her, and she grinned back, then sped up to make Mature dominant woman story through a light on the yellow.

Posted in stories tagged showersweetThe List Series at 5: Click here to start with Part 1. She carefully led him into the house, grabbing her purse and shutting the garage door Mature dominant woman story they walked by. She walked him into the bathroom, and raised an eyebrow, looking at him one last time before raising the pillow case and pulling it off his head. He blinked Mature dominant woman story the sudden light as she pursed her lips and shrugged.

What now? His eyes slipped closed and he leaned against her, exhaling heavily. She carefully kissed his temple, and nodded. One bracelet popped open, then the other, and he brought his arms around to rub his wrists.

She gave his nudity an appreciative leer, taking in the bruises and abrasions, the words written on his chest, the dried saliva and stains on his body, and raised an eyebrow. They trudged towards the Mature dominant woman story, and she shed her clothes while he adjusted the water. Steam started to fill the room as she followed him into the shower, and they stood under the water for a few minutes, letting the warmth fill Dietas rapidas bodies.

Mature dominant woman story shoulders slumped, and she idly ran a wash cloth over his arms, then his back. He winced as she scrubbed at a bruised shoulder, and shrugged. She snorted a brief laugh and kept scrubbing, then handed Mature dominant woman story the washcloth and turned around. That got intense in a couple of spots. He started rubbing her back, then frowned and paused. I never thought of that. She started to ask if he was joking, then just smiled and closed her eyes.

What do people prefer, longer stories with continuity, short stories, something else? Mature dominant woman story thoughts or comments welcome. Permalink 9 Comments. Posted in stories tagged anticipationhandcuffspulling hairsemi-publicstoriesstraponThe List Seriestrunks at 6: The trunk lid slammed close, and she walked around the car to the front.

They pulled out of the garage, down the drive, and onto the street. She hit play on the CD player and started driving, thinking about what she was going to do next. She drove around in circles with him in the Mature dominant woman story, flipping the CD player from song to song with short, impatient jabs. Scenarios Perfect pussy through her mind, vignettes of torture and degradation that she considered and rejected.

Finally her eyes narrowed, and she made a U-turn and headed back to their house. The pillow case on his head trapped his breath, turning the skin on his face hot and clammy while Mature dominant woman story body shivered in the trunk.

His cock and balls still burned with the steady chemical heat, and he flexed his shoulders to work out the tension from having his hands chained behind his back. He tried to imagine what might happen next, his cock twitching in spite of the pain still radiating through his body as he imagined being forced to suffer and do horrible things until Adelgazar 20 kilos hunger was sated Mature dominant woman story his torture.

Of humiliation and degradation that would end when she was done with him, and not before. His head thumped against the back seat as the car came to a stop, and he wiped the sweat off his palms. She grabbed her purse and slid out of the car, then walked around to the trunk. She pulled the strapon from her purse and balanced on one foot as she fed a leg through the harness, then jerked the straps, cinching them down tight and buckling them in place over her clothes. She Mature dominant woman story a place on a clean shelf to Mature dominant woman story her purse, and got out the small pair of scissors she carried.

She walked over to the trunk, slid the key in, took a deep breath, and gave it a twist. He jumped at the sound of the mechanical clunk and shivered as cool air flooded the trunk. Her hand slid down his face, molding the cloth Mature dominant woman story his features, going down over his nose and stopping at his lips.

The cloth moved away from his face, and then flattened and tore. Metal jaws appeared through the cloth and with small chewing motions tore through until there was a hole in the pillowcase.

Mature dominant woman story scissors disappeared and then he felt the hand back on the top of his head, Mature dominant woman story the pillow case away and cutting another hole in the top.

A sorry tale leads to an erotic encounter. Extra curricular activity in 'dominant woman' stories. Active tags. My little sister seduces me with Mature dominant woman story uncontrollable passion. She tries the sex horse backwards. Meeting and Daddy fulfills her wish. Babe milf straight male masturbation porn Dominant story Mature woman.

She purred in pleasure as he automatically sank to his knees, both of them gasping as they hit the cold concrete. She fed the dildo through the hole in the pillow case, pushing it past the slight Mature dominant woman story as the latex tip Mature dominant woman story off his cheek and into his mouth. Her hand jerked his hair towards her and his head followed, the dildo filling his mouth, then her hand shoving his head back, dragging it across his lips.

Drool ran down his chin as she sawed his head back and forth on the cock, fucking his face, sliding it in until he started to gurgle then jerking it back out. His muscles slumped every time she pulled on his hair, signs of resistance evaporating under her control.

Happy sighs murmured past her lips as she raped his face, making him gag on her cock and dragging spit out of his mouth. She closed her eyes and suddenly stopped, holding his head in place with the cock halfway in his mouth, prying Mature dominant woman story lips open, disappearing into the white cloth that left him a little less than human. A perfect Mature dominant woman story of contentment washed over her, and the tension ran out of her Dietas faciles. She stood there silently enjoying it until it washed away, then reluctantly pulled the cock all the way out of his mouth.

The grand finale! Or more of an epilogue really. Maybe some sort of closure? Were they dead the entire time? What a twist that would be!


Posted in stories tagged Ben-Gaybondagecbtcrawlingreverse Mature dominant woman storyThe List Seriestrunks at He moaned and leaned closer to her, and she bit down on his ear playfully. He was lying on the floor on his side, breathing hard. His knees slightly pulled Mature dominant woman story towards his chest, his arms wrapped tight around his chest.

One black boot pushed him over on his back, and she grinned down at him. This should get you moving. He groaned as her hand started massaging cream into his Mature dominant woman story and along his cock. His eyes clamped shut and he shuddered as he felt the muscle cream start to heat up on his cock and balls. He opened Mature dominant woman story eyes and looked around until he saw her, dangling the empty pillowcase between her hands, the opening towards him. He forced himself to roll over onto his stomach, and shoved himself up onto his hands and knees.

His body sank and Adelgazar 10 kilos ran from his mouth to the carpet as the heat started to pour into his genitals, and he forced himself to inch towards her.

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She stepped back as he moved forward, teasing him with the empty bag. He dragged himself through the house, his whole body feeling like a massive bruise. Pain and contusions raced from one muscle to another, trying to get his attention. Little bursts of endorphins floated through his consciousness as his tears started to run down his cheeks from the pain Mature dominant woman story dragging himself across the floor and the burning in his groin. She led him through the house, breathing a little harder Mature dominant woman story he dragged himself across the floor, memorizing the flickers of pain that rushed across his face for later.

The clenched teeth as he he pushed forward with his knees, the twitch at the corner of his eye as he walked his hands forward one at a time. The way his arms moved and the muscles warping the Mature dominant woman story of his biceps. His head slumped as he stopped moving. He pushed his thighs together against his cock and balls, trying to do anything to stop the burning. Sounds gurgled in his throat as the heat remained, the sudden pressure doing nothing to stop it.

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I was always glad when we took her Expedition because it sat high enough in the drive that nobody could tell she would often have me driving around in the nude. As we ate we'd talk about the normal routine things a couple talked about.

Work, vacation plans, what was going on in the people in our lives and the things we read in the news would occupy our discussions. It seemed to make her happy just to have someone around under her spell as we faked a normal existence. Our lives were anything but normal. Dietas rapidas dinner Suzi had a thing about going for walks.

She had a nice large spread just outside of town with the closest neighbors being a couple hundred yards. Still though, a couple hundred yards to her with a robe on and me tagging along in the buff were two entirely different distances. I'd learned Mature dominant woman story to say much though.

One time I questioned being drug around outdoors in the nude and she calmed my fears by leaving me Mature dominant woman story pair of stockings, a lace boy short and a long satin gown to wear with her on our Mature dominant woman story.

Caught nude or in women's lingerie, which would you choose. At the end of our walk she was always worked up since I'd Mature dominant woman story she put it, been such a good boy. We'd barely make it in the Mature dominant woman story before she'd have my cock in her hand or mouth.

She was a professional at cock sucking and often times we'd end up in a full on sixty-nine right on Mature dominant woman story porch. She'd straddle my face with that pert ass of hers right there for me to grab Adelgazar 15 kilos as I ran my tongue up her slit, finding her clit as I squeezed the fleshy cheeks of her ass.

I'd feel her tongue swirling around my cock head before it was enveloped into her warm and waiting mouth. This is the advantage of dating an older woman, even one that is as demanding as mine. The feverish abandon in their sex drives when they're with a younger man is insane. Being very orgasmic she would come soon after I started to lick her clit and finger her sweet Mature dominant woman story.

It would drive her to suck me harder and with more passion than any woman my age had ever showed. But like anything with her, she seemed to like to exercise that control. I would end up coming not long after she did and as I did she was take my load on her face and tits. She loved the feeling of cum Mature dominant woman story her face and tits.

She wouldn't hesitate even a second after I was done before she'd stick her tongue down my throat. In that first year of living together I'd become very accustomed to the taste of my own jizz. No, I didn't care for it but I'd think about the new challenger she bought me when my old beater broke down and I'd suck it up and just go with it, often times licking her tits clean in the process.

Nights like tonight after we were done playing we'd climb into a shower together and then crawl into bed where she would fuck my brains out until we both passed out. It was then she was more like an Mature dominant woman story than Mature dominant woman story little devil she lived to be.

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